Where can I find hardware to fit my Hoppe Doors?

Are you looking for hardware to replace your Hoppe Multi Point Patio Doors and haven’t been able to find any?

This might cheer you up… WE have hardware for Hoppe patio doors! Fantastic?!

Sandcast Rectangular Style

I think so!! I needed something fantastic to happen to me after having a spider crawl up on my chest while i was eating my favorite cereal for breakfast and then having to dump it out because I may have flicked the critter, while panicking a little, into my delicious bowl of goodness. It sorta bummed me out.

BUT NOT FOR LONG! Get excited about the hardware for your Hoppe Doors people! You will find what you are looking for under the Multi Point Patio Locks. Configuration 5.


Make sure you check the measurements before you order!

3 5/8" CC