What Hardware do I need for an Exterior Door? Linnea Style

When you have a front, or maybe just an exterior door, it’s hard to remember what kinds of hardware you need for installing – and not just that… making it look nice in the process too. That’s the fun part about it though, there is style in every little piece of hardware nowadays. Down to the tiniest door stop.

What Hardware Will I Need?

For a front door, or exterior door, the main things you will need are as follows:

  • A door knob or lever
  • A deadbolt
  • A few hinges
  • A doorstop

Like the question says above, these are things you need, and we can get into the miscellaneous stuff in a bit. I am doing all this Linnea Hardware style, but this really could work with any brand.

Your first main thing would be a doorknob, lever handle, whatever you want to call it, choose your style. Like maybe the Linnea LL-97 Stainless Steel Lever just for an example.


ll97s You can see it’s available in either a round or square rosette. Now Linnea’s levers are not available with a keyed function, because that would totally mess with the design to stick an ugly keyed cylinder on the front of these sleek and clean looking levers, so you will want to go with a passage function. Don’t worry, there will be a lock on the door, it just wont be by the lever.


*NOTE: If you want to check out all of Linnea’s Levers, click here.


Then we can move on to choosing a great style deadbolt, the keyed part for your door for security. How about the Linnea DBR200 Single Cylinder


This would look really nice with the round rosette of the lever above.

*NOTE: See all of Linnea’s Deadbolts here.

Hinges are next.


You’ll find 3 1/2″ up to 4 1/2″ Linnea hinges, which is helpful if you need to match where your existing hinges may be.

Now to the door stops, this may not be totally necessary if your door will no way hit a wall or anything, but there is a giant selection of Linnea Door Stops.

What Other Types of Hardware Could Be Used on/around an Exterior Door?

  • Mail Slots
  • House Numbers
  • Kickplates
  • Door Knockers
  • Flush Bolts
  • Surface Bolts
  • Doorbell Covers
  • Screen Door Locks
  • Address Plaques

Check out ALL Misc Hardware!


Pocket Door Locks for a Pocket Door from Linnea

Pocket doors are really handy for those places that you can afford to to have swinging doors, for that would take up too much space, or maybe it may take away from the look of that space you were going for. That’s why pocket doors were created. They are like secret doors! With pocket doors comes pocket door hardware, and we have plenty to choose from. At first we only had a few to choose from that were the basic square or rectangle style and that required the standard notched door prep for pocket doors. Now there are several others, there are slender oval or rectangle styles, mortise, round… If it’s style you are going for, Linnea carries just that. We talked about a couple pocket door hardware styles from Linnea in an earlier post “Linnea Pocket Door Locks“, and now they came out with new styles to fit standard doors with the standard bore holes!

What does this mean?

Standard door prepping for a pocket door:

pocket_doorOr in other words, standard notched door prep looks like the above picture. A notch is cute out of the door and the standard square style pocket door hardware slides in and is installed. It’s the most common style of pocket door hardware.

But now they have new designs to fit actual standard door prep with standard bore holes. Doors that you would put real door knobs and real lever handles on. The prepping for that type of door looks like this:

backsetMost interior doors are already prepped with a single bore hole (like shown above) and through the edge of the door there is a cross bore that extends from the edge of the door through the bore hole. So with this new style I am talking about you can install the pocket door locks on these regular standard door preps. It makes it really easy.

Check out the 2 stylish designs Linnea has to offer…

Linnea Square Pocket Door Hardware:


And Linnea Round Pocket Door Hardware:


Both come in the stainless steel finish.

This is what it looks like when the lock is engaged:



Linnea Pocket Door Locks

Pocket doors are lots of times necessary for some homes and if that’s true, then it’s necessary to find some hardware to go along with it. There is basic pocket door hardware that you will be able to find pretty much anywhere that looks just fine. Basic square shape with any basic finish to match the rest of your hardware, and works/looks just as good as any other type of pocket door hardware around. What if you are looking for something a bit different? More modern, decorative, simple, whatever you want to call it… I think everyone likes something a little different every once in a while. If you check out some of Linnea’s Pocket Door Hardware, you will see what I’m talking about.

So here is a little taste of what a regular pocked door lock would look like…


See, it’s just dandy! This is the Emtek Passage Pocket Door Lock, and it comes in several finishes to match with your existing hardware. There are also more pocket door locks you can check out here.

So as you can see the what I like to call “regular” pocket door locks are pretty basic, and square. Nothing all that fancy about them. They look just fine for any pocket door. Now check out the Linnea,

PL160R-PAPL160R-PRThe ones shown above are the Linnea PL-160S Round Passage and Privacy. They are totally different. They look very subtle and stylish. The finishes available are Satin Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, or Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Now check out the square style, The Linnea PL-160S Sqyuare passage or privacy.


What’s really cool about the privacy’s of either the square style or round style is that you can choose they style of turn piece. The turn pieces above are the standard “straight turn piece”. There is also the ADA style of turn piece or the Drop style turn piece.

pocket door lock

ADA Turn Piece

new pocket

Drop Turn Piece

You can also find an Edge Pull from Linnea, which is helpful to get the door out of the pocket. Pushing at the top exposes the little finger hook, and then simply pull the pocket door out. The edge pulls are mainly used on passage doors. They don’t have any type of lock system.



I was just noticing the mighty large collection of sweaters, jackets, coats and scarves I have collected throughout the house. Because of the freezing weather lately I always have something laying around to grab in case I start to get the shivers and it’s starting to look a little ridiculous. I never seem to take the time to go the the closet find myself a hanger or 10 and hang every one of the coats and such up (mainly because I am honestly scared of the closet. I have some not so good memories of me finding a gigantic spider that I can’t get past). So I have thought to myself, maybe I need to find a coat rack or something. Then just today, just now I saw these awesome little inventions…called…





1. Linnea HK187 Hook/ 2. Linnea HK182 Hook/ 3. Linnea HK184 Hook/ 4. Linnea 4 Hole Hook Plate/ 5. Linnea HK5046 Hook


All of these shown are hooks from Linnea. You can see all of Linnea’s Hooks here.

We don’t have to stop at Linnea! There are plenty more hooks to check out from other brands! Like for instance Emtek, Sure-Loc, Amerock, Dynasty, Omnia, and Rusticware. If you are interested in looking at all the hooks for all brands, check under the Bath hardware section and click on robe hooks. Then you can click on the categories to the left, like brands and finishes to help narrow down choices.┬áJust because it’s under the ‘bath hardware’ category, it surely doesn’t mean that’s all these small and helpful items can be used for! Put your imagination to the test!

Because I am having such a hard time with the idea of hanging up junk in the closet, I really like the idea of hooks mounted to the wall for easy hang up – for coats, jackets, purses, scarves, or whatever else, and that includes hooks for guest stuff too!


Modern Cabinet Knobs and Pulls from Linnea

Modern kitchens or bathrooms or anything with cabinets always look clean and you want it to look high quality. You just have to find the right hardware to make it look great and if you do that, that makes great compliments too. Linnea offers a huge selection of unique modern cabinet hardware for anyone wanting to display their style of design. I’m not exaggerating when I say these cabinet knobs and pulls are unique. You won’t find these just anywhere. Linnea cabinet hardware will make a statement and wont be overlooked. Let me show you a few examples that will prove what Linnea has to offer as far as cabinet hardware goes…



The L17 Cabinet Knob has a unique cone shape and has an indentation perfect for a finger to grip.



The L3 cabinet knob is available in a 16mm, 22mm, or a 32mm. It is more of a simple cabinet knob, but is still unique. I think it would look great with anything!



I love this Linnea L755 Cabinet knob. I think it’s modern, but it’s also made for easy grip for function. Again, a little more on the simple side, but you won’t find this knob anywhere else.


This Linnea L825 cabinet knob reminds me of magnets stacked together for some reason. Another great modern style look for any cabinet.

This one has awesome written all over it. The Linnea L54 Cabinet pull. This pull is a pretty small rainbow shaped pull, only about 1.5″ CC (center to center). There’s no way it couldn’t look good.

Surprise, surprise, another great looking pull. The Linnea L145-D pull. It’s only 1.26″ CC. It’s small like the L54 cabinet pull (see above), and both are more the size of a cabinet knob.

The L1 is offered in 75mm (L1-A), 50mm (L1-B), 32mm (L1-C), or 16mm (L1-D).

Any of these come in Satin Stainless Steel or Polished Stainless Steel. Check out all of the Cabinet knobs and pulls from Linnea here.

The LL-25 Lever from Linnea

I love when I find a great looking something or other and I can picture having one of my very own. This is usually when I am dreaming of my new home and can pick whatever style of hardware, furniture, light fixtures, appliances… you get the idea. So this great looking something that I found is from Linnea and it goes on a door. Any ideas of what that might be? If you guessed door knob, you are on the right track. I found a door lever! All of Linnea’s door levers are super unique and original, but there is one I really really like and can picture on every one of my doors. This one is really unique. Maybe not an obvious unique, because it’s a pretty simple style, but really it’s very unique. It’s such a simple design, you may not see the most unique part at first, but let me show you why it’s so unique. This is one of the reasons why I like this lever so much.


It’s called the Linnea LL-25

You can choose between either a round rosette, or a square rosette.


It’s a pretty simple look (a pretty perfectly simple). If you look really close… did you notice how much smaller the rosettes are than a standard lever would have?



This may be a deal breaker for some, because this lever (as well as any of Linnea levers from the Pristine Collection) requires special door preparation. Now a standard door lever requires what they call standard door preparation – 2 1/8″ diameter bore, where the Linnea LL-25 lever requires special door preparation with only a 1″ diameter bore. The 1″ diameter bore prep is not commonly found, but if you are dying to have this look, you might just have to have all your door specially prepped to fit this style.


Another great touch to add to this lever would be a Linnea Privacy Bolt added above.

You could go with a Round Privacy Bolt or a Square Privacy Bolt, like this one here…

What Types of Ball or Roller Catches Are There?

First, what is a ball catch? A ball catch is usually used on a closet door, but you might find them in other applications sometimes. The ball catch is installed on the top of the door and installed in a hole drilled to fit. A spring loaded ball protrudes from the top of the door which holds the door closed when resting in the strike plate of the jamb above.

A roller catch has the same idea and is also mounted on the top of the door and includes a strike plate that is mounted to the door jamb above, the most noticeable difference really between the ball catch and roller catch, is that the roller catch is a spring loaded cylinder that rolls rather than a ball. Roller catches are probably a little more heavy duty and smoother working, they are also a little more expensive than ball catches. Once we go through with pictures of the different types, you will be able to see the difference between the two.

Our most common ball catch is probably the Sure-Loc Ball Catch

The Sure Loc ball catch is the most common style ball catch with it’s screw down face plate to help keep the ball catch in place. It’s also one of the least expensive.

a couple more with similar designs are:

The Emtek Ball Catch

And the Omnia Ball Catch

Both the Emtek and Omnia catches have square corner face plates like the Sure Loc ball catch, but these two are a little more expensive in price. They are both a little more heavy duty and that may be worth it to you to pay a little extra, your choice.

Be sure to check out the different finishes all 3 of these offer!

The next is really really similar to the 3 above, except it has round corner face plates rather than square. It’s comparable to the Sure-Loc Ball catch (see above), very inexpensive. The Rusticware Ball Catch:

This next one is called a Drive-In Ball Catch from Residential Essentials. This is the least expensive ball catch on the site and probably the easiest one to install, as it doesn’t require chiseling the door where the face plate can be flush with the door and screwed in because it has no face plate.

Now on to the two roller catches we carry on the site. The Linnea Roller Catch and the Emtek Roller Catch. Both are great quality catches that are a little more durable than the basic ball catches, but are a little more expensive.

Don’t forget to check out what finishes all of these offer!

Find all the catches here.

Modern Bath Hardware

I think that bathroom hardware can easily be looked over or forgotten, unless you are remodeling your bathroom of course, but lets not forget that bath hardware can definitely make a room if you look closely.

If you are remodeling and need something that’s a little different but can go with nearly anything, you should look over some of Linnea’s modern bath hardware! Linnea has a great selection of bath hardware that is modern design and stainless steel, which is sure to fit into almost any style of bathroom. I mean really, stainless steel will match any wall color, tile, and cabinet. Modern styles can be really simple and perfect for whatever you may be going for. Also, Linnea is really high quality hardware and take great pride in that. Linnea’s products are made to last and follow the latest trends!

Here are a few examples of some of Linnea’s modern bathroom hardware:

Starting with towel bars, one on the more simple side is the Linnea TR1920: Comes in 750mm CC, 600mm CC, 450mm CC, and 300mm CC. If you want to check out the rest of the series, check here.

OR, if you are looking for something a little more unique, the Linnea TR-5042 towel bar may do the trick. For matching series, check here.

Next is an example of a perfect and simple towel ring: The Linnea TR1950-C. It will go with anything! It’s also part of the same series like the first towel bar we showed you above – check here for the Sydney Series.

Can’t forget toilet paper holders! Let’s class em up shall we? How about with the Linnea TRH-800 Tissue Holder – from the Sydney Series:

Here’s another more unique from the Charlotte Series called the TRH-845 Vertical Tissue Holder. It’s installed vertical just like you see it below:

And last but not least, check out some great looking Robe Hooks:

Linnea 5 Hole Hook Plate

From the Manhattan Series, the HK188 Hook

Modern Levers for Exterior Doors

I know I have said many many times that modern design is what majority of people are going for in their home or office today. So because modern is so popular I think it makes one of the more interesting topics for people to talk, or in my case read/write about.┬áModern homes and buildings are everywhere you look now, and it’s important for modern homes and buildings to have modern hardware! There are lots of different types of modern style hardware to drool over – from door knobs to house numbers. And when you love modern, it’s probably going to end up on your front door, because the front door is the best place to make a first impression. Like maybe a great modern lever would look rad?

The levers above are both from Linnea. The first one (LL-95), is one of the more unique styles Linnea carries and the second one (LL-148) is just classic don’t you think? Check out more modern levers from Linnea and other brands like Baldwin, Emtek, Nova, Omnia Schlage and Sure Lochere.


So what if you really do want the modern levers for your exterior doors and it’s not offered as a keyed entrance function? OR – The modern lever you like is available with a keyed entrance, but you’d hate to have the bulky keyed cylinder ruin or take away from the design – what can you do then?

There’s no worries! This problem can easily be solved with an extra little device called a deadbolt. A deadbolt is used mostly on exterior doors and have a keyed cylinder and when the key or turn lever is turned a bolt locks the door in place. So all you would have to do is install a great looking deadbolt above your passage function modern lever. Providing security and style.

Note: It’s always best to try and stick with the same brand, that way the finishes are guaranteed to match.

Here are some great looking deadbolts with a modern taste:

Linnea Round Deadbolt (DBR200)/Linnea Square Deadbolt (DBS200) – Also check out more modern deadbolts from Linnea and other brands here.

Designer Flush Pulls for Sliding Doors

I think most of us know what sliding doors are – they were super common for closet door and still are I suppose. The sliding doors that I remember growing up were on all of our closet doors, there were two doors side by side and one door would slide on a track behind the other. I can’t tell you how many times I shut my finger(s) between the wall and door frame when trying to close those buggers. It’s common to have flush pulls on these types of doors, because you need them to slide behind each other without anything in the way. I remember the flush pulls that were on those doors too, really well. So. Tiny. They were super shallow and were just a tiny round brass color circle that fit 1 or maybe 2 small fingers. And when the sliding track wasn’t greased, it was pretty tough trying to slide that door with one finger. I think we eventually gave up on the flush pull and pried our little fingers between the cracks and just slid the doors with out pulls.

It’s crazy how many flush pulls there are out there to choose from now. It would have been nice on those doors, even though we managed to get by with out. I doubt I would have shut my finger(s) in the door and jam as often, if at all. You don’t have to stick with the norm anymore. Nice big flush pulls with room enough to grip and comfortably. And the great looking endless designs to choose from. Square, round, rectangle, big small, and all kinds of finishes. Check out Linnea’s Design flush pulls, it is a great place to start your search for extraordinary flush pulls.

Here is a flush pull to show just for kicks from Linnea and one of my favorites. Called the RPR-90

It’s round and has a nice place to grip the door when you need to in a stylish sort of way.