Emtek Modern Bath Hardware Collection

We have been looking for a house for a few months now because we have a baby on the way and this little loft apartment just wont cut it for long term. There is no room for a crib, there is no bath tub, there are some wicked stairs for her to fall down if we were to be here when she starts to crawl. Anyway, we found a house finally that we really want and things seem to be moving forward on maybe possibly getting it! It’s brand new, and we tried swooping in to pick colors of the floors, walls, hardware etc., but we were a little too late. That’s okay! I like to dream of what some of the things will look like and worst case, if we hate it… we can redo it!

I am so curious what the door hardware will be like in this house, what the light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and bath hardware will be like. I am falling for the more modern, sleek look. I dream of modern levers and cabinet hardware throughout the house. I dream of a white kitchen with stainless steel or satin nickel bar pulls on the cabinets. I dream of modern style bath hardware.

Bath hardware may not really seem like that big of a deal and it’s easy to pick something dirt cheap just because you really don’t care what your toilet paper holder or towel holders will look like. I’m telling you, it can really change up the look. Even a simple finish change could make things look brighter, cleaner, more stylish.


I know this is a little extreme of a makeover, but you kind of get the idea don’t you?

This is the bath hardware I would love to have some day. It’s from Emtek. And it’s their modern collection. Go figure.

Modern Paper Holder

What’s really cool about this Emtek Modern Bath Hardware, is that you get to choose your style of rosettes (or backplates), like Disk (which is shown), Neos, Square and Small Disk. You also get to choose from 4 different finishes, like Oil rubbed Bronze,  Satin Nickel, Flat Black, and Polished Chrome.

Modern Bath Hardware

I think that bathroom hardware can easily be looked over or forgotten, unless you are remodeling your bathroom of course, but lets not forget that bath hardware can definitely make a room if you look closely.

If you are remodeling and need something that’s a little different but can go with nearly anything, you should look over some of Linnea’s modern bath hardware! Linnea has a great selection of bath hardware that is modern design and stainless steel, which is sure to fit into almost any style of bathroom. I mean really, stainless steel will match any wall color, tile, and cabinet. Modern styles can be really simple and perfect for whatever you may be going for. Also, Linnea is really high quality hardware and take great pride in that. Linnea’s products are made to last and follow the latest trends!

Here are a few examples of some of Linnea’s modern bathroom hardware:

Starting with towel bars, one on the more simple side is the Linnea TR1920: Comes in 750mm CC, 600mm CC, 450mm CC, and 300mm CC. If you want to check out the rest of the series, check here.

OR, if you are looking for something a little more unique, the Linnea TR-5042 towel bar may do the trick. For matching series, check here.

Next is an example of a perfect and simple towel ring: The Linnea TR1950-C. It will go with anything! It’s also part of the same series like the first towel bar we showed you above – check here for the Sydney Series.

Can’t forget toilet paper holders! Let’s class em up shall we? How about with the Linnea TRH-800 Tissue Holder – from the Sydney Series:

Here’s another more unique from the Charlotte Series called the TRH-845 Vertical Tissue Holder. It’s installed vertical just like you see it below:

And last but not least, check out some great looking Robe Hooks:

Linnea 5 Hole Hook Plate

From the Manhattan Series, the HK188 Hook