Eagle Multi Point Patio Door Trim Replacements

Multi Point locks or Patio door locks are really nice. They provide a little more security than a regular lock. Multi point means that is has different points where a bolt (similar to a deadbolt) will lock the door in place. For example there is always one in the regular spot on the side edge of the door, one can be coming out of the very top of the door and one at the bottom. Talk about security. Multi point locks also function super well and they are great as far as style goes as well.

If you are looking for replacement trims for Eagle multi point or patio door locks, you have come to the right place. I say replacement trims because we don’t carry the mechanism for any multi point door, only the exterior trims of the plate and levers. Those usually come with your door manufacturer. So if you are looking for the mechanism it would be best to contact Eagle directly. We carry the fun part… the stylish trims! Emtek offers many stylish trims for your Eagle doors. If you check out MultiPoint Lock Trims section under Emtek it will take you to a page of configurations. These configurations are very important to match to your existing mechanism that is already in your door. We have made a list of door manufacturers under each configuration to better help you find which trims may match your existing door(s). You should see that Eagle is under Configuration 2. And that configuration looks like this:

Configuration2Please make sure before you order that it matches up to yours. We do not guarantee that all of them will match, so it’s best to make sure before you place your order. After you find that it does match you can choose from many back plates, and then from many levers and finishes. There are a lot of styles to help make it fit your own unique, modern, rustic or whatever other style you may have. Please call us if you need help! Otherwise, happy mix and matching!

G-U Multi Point Patio Door Lock Trim Replacements


Patio locks, or multi point locks (to read more about what a multi-point lock is go here) are really becoming quite popular. These locks are super high quality and provide great security. Multi point locks have 3 or more points where bolts come out to lock the door in place (which is a whole lot more secure than your basic regular deadbolt that only provides 1 bolt to lock the door in place). These locks are durable and people love how they function.


If you have a G-U multi point patio door and are needing new door hardware or trims replaced because your trims are used, beat up, or broken – Emtek has a plethora of multi point patio locks (for G-U doors it’s configuration 1, under the multi point locks from Emtek) to choose from! Emtek doesn’t provide the G-U internal mechanism (the internal parts to make the hardware function). Emtek only provides many stylish trims that will work on your existing door. This means that they do NOT include interior locking mechanisms of the door, the mechanisms will come standard from the door manufacturer such as G-U.


The best way to search for the best design of a multi point lock from Emtek that will suit you and your own personal style the very best is to first look for the plate style that draws you in on this page. Then after you find your favorite plate style click on it and it will bring up a page with all your options. Options like function (keyed, non keyed, dummy etc.) , interior lever style (you can find images of the levers in the description box), door handing and choose from many finishes! All the options make it so you can make it your own!

*NOTE: Before ordering please make sure your G-U door measurements match up with either of these configurations:


Marvin Integrity Multi-Point Patio Door Lock Trim Replacements

Multi-point patio locks are something lots of people want or need. These locks are a little more complex than your regular front door lock set. The multi-point mechanism have 3 different points where a bolt will come out of the door to lock inside part of the door jamb – the top, bottom, and the side of the door just like any basic door lock. The reason these locks are a must have is mainly for the security factor. It’s three locking bolts compared to one. These are also purchased for the style as well has how well the function (for more info on multi-point locks check this post).

Marvin Integrity provides doors with the multi point mechanism and some door hardware. We give you the option of more styles for your Marvin Integrity doors. So, if you are wanting to replace your old hardware for something new, you will want to check Emtek’s “configuration 1” on this page, or look at the image below.


You will want to make sure the measurements of your existing mechanism match up with this configuration before you order. After you have found that it does match, check out all the different designs from Emtek you can choose from, under Emtek 3 Point Lock Trim Configuration 1. There are many many options, and the best way to start is by first picking the plate you like and then going to the page, because there are even more levers to choose from that will go with that plate (check under description box on the page of the plate you chose).

*Please note that we do not carry replacements for the Marvin Integrity interior locking mechanism. The Emtek multi point hardware includes only the handle and plate (for interior and exterior of the door), and keyed cylinders (where applicable) that are mounted to the door and attached to existing mechanism. The mechanism is installed with your Marvin Integrity door, which is probably a great thing because I’m not sure how easy that would be to install.