What’s New? – MaxGrade Brand

We have a new brand on the site called MaxGrade. This brand offers great quality forged brass door hardware as well as a great price no matter the item. The hardware is easily installed and fit standard door preparation. It’s super easy to order MaxGrade hardware. Some brands require measuring backset sizes, door thickness and lots of times you have to find out if your door is a right hand or left hand door. With MaxGrade, you don’t have to do all that. The backset is adjustable, the door thickness fits standard door preparation, and the handing is interchangeable, meaning you can switch it from left hand to right hand and vice versa. All you will need to know is if you want a handleset you can choose between a single cylinder handleset (keyed cylinder on outside, thumbturn on inside) or a dummy handleset (non functioning handleset or stationary handleset). If you are interested in a knob or lever, choose from passage, privacy, keyed entrance or dummy functions. If you need help determining what function you need look under order help next to the description tab on the item page. If you are interested in a deabolt, that’s super easy, most people order the single cylinder deadbolt which is a keyed cylinder on the outside and thumbturn on the inside. Some people do like the option of a double cylinder deadbolt which is a keyed cylinder on the outside as well as on the inside, so you would need a key to lock the door from either side. Double cylinders are used on door that have partial glass on or around the door, so in case an intruder were to break the glass, they would need a key to unlock the door from the inside. After you have chosen your item(s) and function(s), all you have left is to choose a finish. Simple as that.


NEW! Nova Brand:

We just added a new brand to the site ya’ll! I am excited to introduce the new brand called Nova. Keep this brand in mind especially if you like that trendy modern look. This is where you would look! Well before I make it sound like it’s the only place to look, I better correct myself… This is one of the places to look under!

Nova hardware is high quality hardware, and they pay great attention to the detail of all their products. These styles are all designed to fit American standards. These levers are made of 304 stainless steel. Their goal and focus is to provide affordable products with great quality to anyone in the world! They offer a life time warranty – does that tell you that they must provide good quality? I think so!

I think we are about ready to see all these modern style levers Nova has to offer. Pay attention to the names of each lever, I find that they are pretty interesting and some match the style spot on. I also like how most of them are named after planets.

Nova’s Venus style lever.

Nova’s Simplicity Style Lever. What a great name for this one, because it totally is simple! It screams simplicity!

Nova’s Saturn Style Lever. This one is pretty similar to the Venus style with some slight changes as you can see if you compare the stem or core of the levers.

Nova’s Mars Style Lever. This one reminds me of some type of sweet bullet or something. This style is pretty sharp looking.


The Nova Jupiter Style. This one is pretty simple looking, like the Simplicity with just a touch more detail. Me likey.


The Nova Granata Lever Style. This one is so awesome. A little like the Venus and Saturn, but with more bulk. I like the square stem part rather then round like the others.


The Nova Curve. Heck yes! This style is classy and simple with a touch of unique.

Last but not least, the Modernus Lever. Maybe the name is like you saying we are modern, modern-us. Get it? Totally just throwing that out there. This lever is so great on so many levels.