Cafe Door Hardware

What are Cafe Doors?

I just recently found out that double acting hinge doors (or saloon doors) are most often referred to as cafe doors. Cafe doors are doors that can open in and out. To exit or enter you would push the door – you wont find a “pull” sign on these doors, because there isn’t any pulling involved to get in or out. These doors look something like this:

I am sure the list is endless when it comes to shape, design, size for a cafe door and even where they may be used – like in a home or for a business.

Hardware for Cafe Doors:

If you are looking for the hardware for your cafe doors, but aren’t sure your options let me suggest a few things.

The most important are the hinges that are double acting. Like these hinges from Bommer.

Depending on how heavy your cafe doors are will depend on what ones you get. The list of the smaller hinges range from 35 lbs to 103 lbs. Then there are the more heavy duty hinges that have a hold open capacity at 85 degrees, such as theĀ Bommer Spring Pivot Heavy Duty Hinge that can hold up to 150 lbs or the Bommer Spring Pivot Medium Duty Hinge that can hold up to 90 lbs.

Other hardware that would be good to look into are push plates. Push plates are mounted to the door and help protect your doors that you push to open. There are many stylish options out there to check out for sure. This one shown is from Emtek. It’s called the Emtek Modern Push Plate.

This one is definitely one of the more simple plain styles, unlike some of the more fancy styles out there.

You can check out more styles of push plates here.

Antique Door Hardware

For quite some time we have sold a great line of vintage style knobs from Nostalgic Warehouse. There are many knob and backplate styles to fit your historic home, but up until now we have just sold the complete locksets. We now offer all of the misc back plates and knobs for sale individually. If your old mortise box works fine but your old antique doorknobs are falling off of the spindles, you can now just buy replacement doorknobs and spindles if you need to. Check out our Antique Door Hardware and Parts.

Who buys doorknobs on the internet?

I?get asked this question frequently when people ask me what I do for a living.?We have a showroom here in Logan, but a good portion of our business is not local business. People all over the country are buying their door hardware online. I’m not sure why it is hard to beleive, but it is for some people.

I think the reason more and more people are buying their door hardware online is because the local shops don’t carry any of this stuff. They might be able to look at some dusty samples, but?most of the time they will have to order from a catalog anyway.?It’s just so much?easier to hop online whenever it is convenient and browse a huge collection of many brands in one catalog.?We have more and more builders buying their door hardware from us because it saves them so much time. They don’t have to run around town to find everything they need only to find out its not in stock. Many of these builders we have become good friends with by phone. They call us up and we know what kind of products they are used to so they just give us a list of what they need. Or, they just place the order online at midnight if it suits them.

Really, more people should be ordering their hardware online. Direct Door Hardware has become one of the leading online sources for Emtek, Schlage, Weslock, Sure-Loc and Nostalgic Warehouse products. Our shipping timeframes are generally quick, its super convenient, if you call or email us we know the product we sell, and to top it off there is no sales tax outside of Utah. Just the sales tax will save you quite a bit. So if you have ever wondered who buys door hardware online, the answer is: Lots of people, and you should be too.