Atrium Multi-point patio door lock Trim replacements

Atrium multi point patio doors are doors that have 3 or more points where bolts can come out of the edge of the door to lock the door in place. Multi Point locks or patio locks have become very popular. Lot’s of people like multi point doors because of the added security and also how well the function. Plus they look great. If you have Atrium multi point patio brand doors, but need some replacement trims you have come to the right spot!


Atrium multi point doors provide you the mechanism inside the door (the 3 or more points where the bolts lock your door in place), and most likely you have the hardware that came along with it. We provide replacement trim levers that will attach to your existing Atrium mechanism. This is for people that are just looking for the replacement trims though, NOT the mechanism. Maybe you wanted a new style, or maybe your existing hardware is all worn out, that’s when you can check out all the replacement trims Emtek (just look under Emtek’s multi point lock trim section) offers that should fit your Atrium doors.


Not all of the trims that Emtek offers will fit your Atrium Doors. That’s why we made a list of configurations (or measurements) and listed each of the door brands that fit that configuration. So basically all you need to do is find your door brand and it will give you your configuration. Atrium is under configuration 1 for example.




It’s important to make sure your existing measurements for your Atrium multi point door match up with these measurements of this configuration 1. And after you find that it does match up, you have many many back plate styles to choose from and after that you get to choose from many many levers and finishes! So pretty much what I am saying is that the list is endless and you can make your patio replacement trim totally original.

G-U Multi Point Patio Door Lock Trim Replacements


Patio locks, or multi point locks (to read more about what a multi-point lock is go here) are really becoming quite popular. These locks are super high quality and provide great security. Multi point locks have 3 or more points where bolts come out to lock the door in place (which is a whole lot more secure than your basic regular deadbolt that only provides 1 bolt to lock the door in place). These locks are durable and people love how they function.


If you have a G-U multi point patio door and are needing new door hardware or trims replaced because your trims are used, beat up, or broken – Emtek has a plethora of multi point patio locks (for G-U doors it’s configuration 1, under the multi point locks from Emtek) to choose from! Emtek doesn’t provide the G-U internal mechanism (the internal parts to make the hardware function). Emtek only provides many stylish trims that will work on your existing door. This means that they do NOT include interior locking mechanisms of the door, the mechanisms will come standard from the door manufacturer such as G-U.


The best way to search for the best design of a multi point lock from Emtek that will suit you and your own personal style the very best is to first look for the plate style that draws you in on this page. Then after you find your favorite plate style click on it and it will bring up a page with all your options. Options like function (keyed, non keyed, dummy etc.) , interior lever style (you can find images of the levers in the description box), door handing and choose from many finishes! All the options make it so you can make it your own!

*NOTE: Before ordering please make sure your G-U door measurements match up with either of these configurations:


What is a Multi Point Lock?

So we kind of already talked about how to order a 3 Point Lock Trim in this post, but we can get a bit deeper. A 3 Point, also known as a Multi-point lock or Patio Lock, have 3 different bolts that come out of 3 different points of the door to lock and secure the door in place. The 3 points where each bolt will come out of the door are located on the top, the bottom and of course the bolt the comes out of the side (just like any regular deadbolt). To lock these all in place, you simply pull the lever on the door up and all the bolts are engaged and the door is secure in place.

The main goal for these Multi-Point Locks, first and foremost is the security factor. Basically it’s 3 bolts locking from top, bottom and side edge of the door, which is a whole lot more secure than a basic deadbolt that just locks from the side edge. A lot of people use these not only for how secure they are, but also how stylish and how they function is a big plus for some. If you lock the door from the inside and go outside, when the door is shut, the lever is locked. This feature is really nice for some people, because you don’t have to take that step to lock the deadbolt behind you if you need to make a quick run. Don’t forget your keys though. The option if you don’t want the lever to stay locked would be to unlock the inside button and it will release the lock. There are several functions like, keyed, non-keyed passage, non-keyed/thumbturn inside, non-keyed/fixed out/operable in, and dummy.

Now, what you will find on our site are the trims only, which include the backplate and levers that connect to the mechanism. We do not carry the mechanism. Usually the mechanism comes with the door you order, and it’s already put together and ready for you. We give a variety of trims that you can choose from which makes it fun and easy to find the style that fits you and your home.