What Hardware Do I Need for Double Pocket Doors?

There are new styles of Pocket door coming out all the time! I feel like I can barley keep up! After this post, we put new pocket door hardware on the site that allow you to install the hardware on a regular standard bore prep door (check this post,or you can also check here for round style pocket door hardware). We get a lot of questions about hardware for double pocket doors. Lots of times you only have a single pocket door and then you can order your basic pocket door hardware (like the ones I have mentioned above) and it’s all good. You can order that same basic pocket door hardware for the double pocket doors, but just know you won’t be able to lock them together – they aren’t made for that.


Then comes in the Emtek Pocket Door Mortise Lock.


So if you are looking for pocket door hardware, for double pocket doors, that can lock in place together, this is where you would go! So if you are ready this is what you would need to order: First, you’d order yourself either a privacy or keyed function (like the one shown above – the privacy function will not have the keyed cylinder like this one shows) for one of your double pocket doors. And second, you will also need to order a dummy function lock, which has nothing on the edge of the door that allows you to install the strike plate for the active side on the edge of the inactive side, so when the doors are closed they can be locked together.

Side view and inside view

Side view and inside view


You can order this Emtek Pocket Door Mortise lock in 5 different finishes, such as Polished Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel, Medium Bronze, and Silver Patina. This pocket door lock is not just for double pocket doors – it works just as great on a single pocket door! Available In Keyed Entrance, Passage, Privacy and Dummy functions.



Linnea Pocket Door Locks

Pocket doors are lots of times necessary for some homes and if that’s true, then it’s necessary to find some hardware to go along with it. There is basic pocket door hardware that you will be able to find pretty much anywhere that looks just fine. Basic square shape with any basic finish to match the rest of your hardware, and works/looks just as good as any other type of pocket door hardware around. What if you are looking for something a bit different? More modern, decorative, simple, whatever you want to call it… I think everyone likes something a little different every once in a while. If you check out some of Linnea’s Pocket Door Hardware, you will see what I’m talking about.

So here is a little taste of what a regular pocked door lock would look like…


See, it’s just dandy! This is the Emtek Passage Pocket Door Lock, and it comes in several finishes to match with your existing hardware. There are also more pocket door locks you can check out here.

So as you can see the what I like to call “regular” pocket door locks are pretty basic, and square. Nothing all that fancy about them. They look just fine for any pocket door. Now check out the Linnea,

PL160R-PAPL160R-PRThe ones shown above are the Linnea PL-160S Round Passage and Privacy. They are totally different. They look very subtle and stylish. The finishes available are Satin Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, or Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Now check out the square style, The Linnea PL-160S Sqyuare passage or privacy.


What’s really cool about the privacy’s of either the square style or round style is that you can choose they style of turn piece. The turn pieces above are the standard “straight turn piece”. There is also the ADA style of turn piece or the Drop style turn piece.

pocket door lock

ADA Turn Piece

new pocket

Drop Turn Piece

You can also find an Edge Pull from Linnea, which is helpful to get the door out of the pocket. Pushing at the top exposes the little finger hook, and then simply pull the pocket door out. The edge pulls are mainly used on passage doors. They don’t have any type of lock system.


What Hardware Do I Need for a Pocket Door?

What is a Pocket Door?


A Pocket door is a sliding door that disappears when it’s opened all the way – it slides right into the adjacent wall.

Pocket doors are pretty popular in homes because they don’t take the up space like a regular door would. With regular doors, you would have to figure out what side and which way you want it to swing open and making sure that it doesn’t take up valuable space for furniture or family pictures. With a pocket door all you need is a wall that it can slide into and the proper prepping.

What Hardware Do I Need for a Pocket Door?

Emtek Privacy Pocket Door Hardware

Pocket doors can’t use any old door knob or lever. These special doors need special hardware that are flush to the door so it can slide right into the compartment when fully opened. And a pocket door also needs the special hardware so it can slide in and out of the wall, but we will get into that later. For starters, lets go over what kind of hardware there is to get a grip on the door. The hardware is called pocket door hardware, go figure.

There are several different brands of pocket door hardware to choose from like Sure-Loc, Emtek, Linnea, Kwikset, Schlage and Omnia. And many styles and finishes as well. There are square or rectangle styles (aka standard), like the one shown above, or you can find round, mortise, and other styles

The standard pocket door lock is the most common and used on a door slab with a notch cut out of the edge. These are pretty easy to install and include a finger pull on the edge of the hardware which is one of the reasons they are more popular. The round pocket door lock is a great option if the door slab you are using already has a hole bored in it for a standard door knob. If your door is already prepped this way, the other pocket door lock styles will not work for you. Third is a mortise lock box style. This type of pocket door lock is a nice, high end lock, but it does require more technical carpentry to prep the door properly. Neither the round style or Mortise style of pocket door hardware includes a finger pull so you may want to purchase one to be mounted above or below the pocket door lock of your choosing.

Make sure you are paying attention to whether it says privacy or passage in the titles and/or description. Privacy means it will have a little privacy turn button, so it can be used on a bathroom or a bedroom door. If you don’t need a privacy lock, look for the hardware that says it’s a passage, it won’t have any type of lock.

So now that we understand what is needed to get a grip, how about the hardware you’ll need for the sliding action? Check out the pocket door hardware kit from Stanley on the site. It’s designed for a 3′ wide and 6’8″ tall door opening. And includes: 1 header tracker, 1 pair of hangers, 2 guides, 1 bumper, 1 jamb stud set, 1 wrench, 2 end brackets, and 2 base plates. Now you should be good to go.




Flush Pulls For Those Sliding or Pocket Doors

from st.houzz.com

Love these sliding doors. I want some, or at least one. There are all kinds of pulls for sliding or pocket doors. There are privacy ones, (you know, the ones that you can lock from the inside for like a bathroom door?) or there are the kind you don’t need a lock for and countless numbers of shapes, finishes and styles.

I am digging these styles from Linnea,

Find more hardware for sliding or pocket doors here, or here.

Pocket Door Locks

Shlage Pocket Door Loc


In need of some hardware for your pocket doors? I bet we have exactly what you need.

We have all kinds of styles and brands.

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There are some styles I bet you have never seen. Like this one from Linnea…

Linnea Pocket Door Round SLE-79SSP