Peachtree, Premium Collection, Semco, Vetter & Weathersheild Door Hardware

Alright, so you are looking for some replacement hardware for Peachtree, Premium Collection (or formerly known as Norco), Semco, Vetter or Weathersheild 3 Point Doors, right?

Take a lookie at the measurements below (Configuration 5). Make sure they match up with yours.

THEN… you get to look at some new hardware to replace your old stuff.  For FUN! Emtek really gives you the option to make it your own with all the different finishes and styles. Mix it up!

3 5/8" CC

Caradco, Marvin, Milgard, PGT, Customer Collection Door Hardware

Are you looking for some hardware for your Caradco, Marvin, Milgard, PGT, or maybe Customer Collection (formerly known as Pozzi) Multi Point Doors? Well, I have news for you…

We have replacement hardware for those babies!

Sweet right? Well before you get overly excited, lets make sure your measurements match up.

You will just want to take a double look at Configuration 4 under Emtek Patio 3 Point Lock Trim.

3 5/8" CC

Well? Do they match up?

Awesome!… Now all you have left to do is the fun stuff. The style choice!


G-U, Marvin Integrity, KML, Atrium and Superior Door Hardware

Petal Plate with Lafayette Lever

Emtek’s Configuration 1 is the diagram to look over and to compare your G-U (G-U doors could also be under Configuration 2), Marvin Integrity, KML by Andersen, Atrium or Superior Door measurements with.

3 5/8" CC










Come here for the styles. It’s awesome, because you can totally make it your own with all the mix and matching.




G-U, Eagle and Biltbest & Hurd Door Hardware

I am just going to go over where you can find replacement door hardware for G-U, Eagle Biltbest & Hurd Doors.

Emtek is the name, and mix and matching is the game.  Just head on over here for starters.

Configuration 2 is where you would compare Emtek’s measurements with your own. It looks like this..

3 5/8" CC



The 2 center holes (3 5/8″ CC) are the most important.  The 2 outer holes are where the screws or bolts go through the door to hold the plates in place, so you could re-drill those if you really needed to.


So after you have compared measurements. THEN you get to the fun part! Choosing your style and mix and matching.



Concord Plate with Turino Lever

Emtek Rectangular Plate with Teton Lever

Emtek Petal Plate with Rope Lever

Trillenium Multi Point Door Hardware

Trillenium doors are also known as W&F Manufacturing.


If you are looking for some replacement door hardware for these doors, you came to the right place.


The measurements should match up to Emtek’s Configuration 7 under “Multi Point Patio Locks” on our site.

4.565" CC


Emtek is great for letting you mix and match the hardware to fit your style.


Configuration 7 Modern Plate