Schlage Commercial Restroom Indicator Deadbolt

The Schlage Commercial Restroom Indicator Deadbolt.

We have been selling these like crazy lately.

Easy to install and it will work great in an office or business.

When unoccupied it shows a green “VACANT” sign, and when the door has been locked from the inside it shows a red “IN USE” sign.

The deadbolt also includes an emergency key.

Schlage Manhattan a Truly Beautiful Door Lever

The Schlage Manhattan lever is a perfect door lever for any home.  It has an attractive curve to it that catches the attention.  There isn’t anything extreme that makes this stick out.  It just has a simple beauty that calls your attention to it.  There are five different finishes available for the Manhattan lever so you can have it match any home decor.  Schlage has a long history of producing durable, long lasting door hardware.  The Schlage Manhattan lever follows right along with a limited lifetime warranty.  You will definitely be satisfied with the purchase of this lever handle.

Schalge’s Egg Shaped Siena Knobset

Schlage has been a leader in reliable door hardware for years.  They make many great looking knobs at a reasonable price.  Schlage door hardware comes in a variety of shapes and finishes allowing you to have any style in your home.   The Schlage Siena knobset is one of our popular egg shaped doorknob sets.  It comes in a selection of 8 finishes and 4 functions.  It also comes with a lifetime guarantee for the finish and mechanical function.  The Siena knobset will not disappoint.  You get the features you need from your door hardware and you don’t have to pay too much.  Be sure to look at all our other Schalge door hardware.

A Classy Dummy Lever by Schlage

Schlage has a good looking single dummy lever in the Levon A-Series Commercial Lever.

You can get this lever in 4 different finishes and it comes with a lifetime limited warranty.  This makes for a stylish door pull and can go on any door that is in need of a decorative lever.

EZSet Commercial Door Lever – Install

Installing a commercial door lever is a little intimidating at first, but it’s really quite simple once you understand how the lock assembly works in the door. They are even more challenging to install in doors that are prepped for residential locks. Commercial doors are generally prepped a little differently as the heavy duty locks used in commercial construction are a bit bulkier.

I recently installed some ezset commercial levers and took some pictures along the way to help illustrate how they are installed. Commercial Locks like these are cylindrical locks which means that they have a cylindrical housing that fits into the bore hole. The latch then attaches to that cylinder. Cylinderical locks are a more stout than your regular tubular latch type lock, so they hold up better in commercial applications.

This type of commercial lock is designed to fit a 2 1/8″ bore hole, but two additional holes are required – one above the bore hole, one below. Other Commercial locks from Schlage, Falcon or other brands will also require this same type of preparation. To prep the bore for the new lock, you’ll need to drill these holes. You can either measure, or use the template included in the package. You can see the supplied template has both standard backsets marked out. Just line up the edge, and center the circle over the bore hole. Pretty easy to do if you have some light shining behind the door. Now drill your holes. Since I installed these locks on steel residential doors, I first made a small hole in the surface to start the drill bit and keep it accurate. If you don’t, you’ll likely get some floating on your bit and the hole won’t be in the right spot.

Ezset Door Prep

Punching a starter hole for the drill bit.

You can see in this photo below, the latch is installed in the cross bore. Those little tabs will align into the housing when you install the door lever, we’ll show you how to install that in the next couple of steps. First you need to drill your holes and now that you’ve made a starter hole, it will be a bit easier. Make sure you’re using a good drill bit designed to drill through steel as other types of bits may pull too hard and damage the surrounding surface of the hole you are drilling. If you are installing in wood doors, you may still want a starter hole just to help you keep it straight and on target.

Drilling Commercial Lock Installation Holes

Drilling top and bottom holes for commercial lock installation.

Before you start installing the lever set, you’ll want to verify your door thickness. Out of the box these commercial levers will fit 1 3/4″ thick doors which is pretty standard for exterior doors. If you are installing on a thinner interior door, you may need to adjust the cylindrical housing of the lock so that it will fit. To do this, you’ll need to remove the outside lever with the little tool provided, pull the rosette and then twist the housing. Its hard to see in this picture but the spindle between the cylindrical housing and the rosette is threaded. As you twist the housing on the threaded core, you can fit it to your door thickness. Once your done adjusting, put the rosette back in place and slide the lever back on until the spring loaded pin pops into place. By the way, you cannot remove this outer lever unless you have a key in the cylinder, this protects you from someone removing your outside lever to get in your door. It’s not possible to take apart unless you have the right key.

Adjusting a Cylindrical Lock

Removing the lever to adjust the cylindrical lock.

Now, insert the latch into the cross bore on the edge of the door and slide the outside half of the lever set into the bore hole. You’ll want to hold the latch in place and make sure it slides into the square notch on the edge of the cylindrical housing shown in the picture below. You can install the latch with screws on the mounting plate before hand if you wish.

Installing the commercial lever

Sliding the cylinderical housing into the bore hole.

Now that you have the latch and outside housing in place you’ll need to attach the inside mounting plate. There is a little arrow on the edge of the plate. That arrow needs to be pointed to the edge of the door where the latch is. You’ll use the screws provided to attach the plate to the other side of the lever using the inner holes on the mounting plate as shown below. You can see there is a hole right above the bolt we are installing below, you’ll use that hole in the next step, so be sure and put that first bolt in the correct hole.

Installing the inside mounting plate for an ezset door lever.

Installation of the inside mounting plate.

Now you’ll mount the outer mounting ring. Again, be sure that the little arrow along the edge of the circular mounting plate is on the side, pointing to the edge of the door. Use either the short black screws, or longer screws provided for added security if you wish.

Installing the outer mounting plate on an EzSet commercial Lock

Installing the outer mounting plate on an EzSet commercial Lock

Now you can Install the rosette. Just slide it over the outer mounting ring in the slots top and bottom and twist.

Installing the rosette on an EZSet Commercial Lock

Installing the Rosette

Then slide on your interior lever until the spring loaded tab locks it in place. If you ever need to remove the lock, you can use the tool provided (shown in previous picture) to depress the tab and slide the lever back off. You can also use a paper clip or something similar. As I mentioned before, to remove the outside lever you have to have a key for security reasons, the inside lever you do not.

Installing the inside lever

Installing the inside lever.

That’s it for the lock. Now all you have to install is the strike. These levers come standard with a heavy duty T Strike, installation of strikes is pretty simple so we won’t get into it here. I hope this article gives you a bit more confidence installing a commercial lock if you have not done so before.

Schlage: Oil Rubbed Bronze or Aged Bronze

We get a lot of questions about Schlage oil rubbed bronze vs. aged bronze. At first we had a ton of orders for Oil rubbed bronze but many customers were returning them because they didn’t match up to what they already had in their home. So we changed the wording on our website to explain the differences. Then a lot more people started ordering the Aged Bronze and our number of retuerns went down quite a bit. Truthfully, the oil rubbed might have been just what they needed to match up with what they have but it looks different new than it does after someone has had it for a while. So in hopes to further clarify the difference between these two finishes, I decided to write this blog post.

Schlage Oil Rubbed Bronze

Schlage Oil Rubbed Bronze

Schlage Oil Rubbed Bronze: Out of the box Schlage’s oil rubbed bronze looks like a poweder coat or painted brown finish. It has kind of a flat paint texture. The oil rubbed bronze finish is designed to age. Over time the more you use the knob, more of the base material will show through giving the hardware a neat, worn patina. In many cases when people have ordered hardware to match what they already had, there is a good chance they did have oil rubbed bronze, it was just worn because they had had it for some time. An older oil rubbed bronze knob and a brand new one will look different.

Schlage Aged Bronze

Schlage Aged Bronze

Schlage Aged Bronze: This finish looks very similar to many oil rubbed bronzes of other brands, but it doesn’t change over time. Out of the box Schlage’s Aged bronze is a little darker than their oil rubbed and the knob itself has more of a satin, somewhat glossy finish and has reddish highlights showing through.

In summary, if you are trying to match some Schlage products to say, Weslock, Emtek or Kwikset‘s Oil Rubbed Bronze, Aged bronze will be the closest match right out of the box. However, these other brand’s finishes will wear over time too whereas the aged bronze would not. If you really wanted the worn look that will vary from one knob to the next, giving you that unique patina on each one… Schlage’s oil rubbed might be the better choice.

Schlage Hardware

Schlage is one of the biggest names in door hardware. It is found everywhere and as a result a lot of stores have product in stock that they need to get rid of. When they try to unload it, they lower the price significantly. Every once in a while we will get a request for price matching and the price they want us to match is so rediculously low that we’d be losing money to get the sale – we just can’t do that if we want to stay in business. Funny though, some of those customers that want us to price match end up buying from us anyway. Is it because we actually answer the phone when the call? Answer our emails or know about the product we sell? We often have customers call us for a price match because they just aren’t comfortable with the website they found. Reasons range from not having a secure website, to not answering their emails or phone to just not having a professional looking website.?They just feel more conifdent with us because we are a main competitor in the industry.

Sometimes a competitor’s price is so low on Schlage because they have only one [unpopular] finish or they just have a few in stock. I understand why everyone is looking for a low price. I often shop around as well before buying. But I think it’s important to understand that sometimes paying a little more to buy from a reputable company that will provide customer service is worth the extra cost. These days I don’t shop around quite as much as I used to. To me a fair price from a reputable company is better than saving just a few more dollars to be uncertain about the product and level of customer service that comes with the product. Customer service is important to us and something we work on consistently to improve. I know when I shop at a website that provides a good price and great customer service, I want to shop there again. Our hope is that our customers will appreciate our customer service and remember us in the future. That being said, if you have found Schlage, Kwikset or other door hardware at a lower price let us know and if we can price match it – we will.


Lately it has been difficult to keep up with pricing increases. Fuel, as everyone knows, has gone up quite a bit and is really putting a pinch on all of us. Unfortunately, as a result the cost of metals, plastics, foods and all kinds of products are going up because of the increased fuel costs. During the past year we have made many updates to keep on top of price increases and it has been difficult because we need to remain competative, but if we don’t adjust according the our cost from the manufacturer we’ll be in trouble.

We’ve been carrying Schlage hardware for a while now and have recently added some Schlage commercial products to our website. Schlage just annouced a 6% price increase on all commercial door hardware, hopefully that won’t be followed by another for the residential lines, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Fortunately we have some great manufacturers that we work with that do the best they can to put off pricing increases as long as possible and as a result we can offer better prices for our customers.

Schlage Commercial

Yeah we have Schlage Commercial Door Hardware available as well. We’ve just added the commercial series hardware in an easy to browse format – complete with diagrams, exploded views and specifications.?Give us a call for your next project requiring Schlage commercial hardware – we’d be happy to provide a quote or answer any questions that you may have.


Schlage has probably been the most popular doorknob brand out there for years and years. As a result everyone that sells door knobs sells Schlage – almost. It’s pretty much a staple of the door hardware industry it seems. The big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes carry Schlage so why would anyone buy it online anyway right? Actually, the big box stores only carry the most popular styles and finishes so you are limited as to what you can get. They have great prices on these most popular styles, but if you’re the type that wants to venture out of the normal polished brass or chrome you’ll probably have to special order it. Thats where we come in. You can save your time and fuel by staying home and browsing for your Schlage products online and have them shipped right to you. No waiting for a sales person to show you what Schlage has available. You can see the entire residential product line right here in all available finishes. Ordering online is easier and you’ll probably get your product sooner having it sent right to you.