Simplicity at Its Finest

Many times we get caught up in trying to find the perfect door lever.  We try to find the perfect door hardware that is simply elegant.  We get stressed out trying to find the perfect door hardware. Well, for those of you who are looking for something a little simpler you need to check out the Weiser Galiano door lever.

The Weiser Galiano door lever is a simple design with a choice of 5 different finishes.  One of the great features about this hardware is the simplicity of the lever.  It has a straight lever that allows this lever to have either handing.  Weiser did a great job of having the lever slowly flow in an elegant manner.  There just aren’t too many lever handles on the market like this.  The best part about this lever is that it really is elegant and it is simple as well.  In the end, Weiser has come out with a door lever that really is simply elegant.