Edge Pulls, What Every Pocket Door Needs

Pocket doors are great for keeping space! because it takes up no space at all! They slide right into the “pocket”, as if there was no door at all! Super handy for places where you can’t spare the room that it would take for a regular swinging door to be opened. So that’s where the pocket door and all it’s glory comes sliding in to save your life! The hardware made specifically for pocket doors are nicely thought out I’d say. You will need some of this pocket door hardware if you want a pocket door. There are lots of different kinds but one specifically I’d like to talk about is an edge pull, like this edge pull from Emtek for example.


What is it? What is it used for? An edge pull is installed on the edge of the door (hence the name) and it has a little handle (or finger pull) that you can pull out when the door is in the pocket. It’s made so that you have something to be able to hold on to and pull the door out of the pocket when it’s flush with the door jamb. When the handled (or finger pull) is not being used, it will sit flush on the edge of the door so that it does not get in the way of anything or interfere with being able to close it all the way. Some pocket door locks will have the edge pull feature, but not all of them. So you can order this piece and install it on the edge of the door, below the pocket door lock if you wish.

Soon, I will make a post on how to install the pocket door pull. ** UPDATE: Check out the new post, Installing an Edge Pull for a Pocket Door.  It’s very similar to the post I did earlier on How to Install a Door Knob Latch. Some more Chiseling.