More Than Just Door Hardware

Direct Door Hardware may make you think that we are all about door hardware and that’s it, but that’s not true. Yes, most of the items we carry on our site do involve hardware for doors, but there are also a lot of misc. items you may not have guessed we’d ever have. For instance, did you know you can order floor registers, safes, switch and outlet covers, house numbers and address plaques from us too? This business isn’t just about door knobs and hinges let me tell ya, so come check more of the misc stuff here!

Speaking of address plaques, these unique designs are made by Whitehall Products. And when I say unique I really mean it. Whitehall Products are hand crafted and made when you order from rust free recycled aluminum in their manufacturing facilities located in Michigan. They are known as the world’s largest manufacturer of weathervanes, and personalized name and address plaques. They also have mailboxes, clocks, thermometers, bells, wall decor, sundials and some other landscape items. Each product is protected with a heat sealed plastic film and then carefully packaged and shipped.

“Behind the legend of Whitehall artistry lies the tale of a unique craft inspired by the majestic shores and woodlands of western Michigan. It was a master wood carver’s desire to reproduce and preserve his hand carved wood sculpture in metal, depicting the grace and essence of America’s natural beauty. Over 65 years later, Whitehall Products still offers you the same mastery in detail with each originally designed, carved and hand cast product.”

You can choose more of a basic or plain style, a vertical plaque, they even make reflective plaques and memorial markers. There are many different designs, finishes and shapes to choose from like oval or rectangular and some more decorative and unique like this one,


The options are endless…

Sources: Whitehall

Adress Plaques


I bet you had no idea how varied our site was. We probably carry anything you can imagine. OK, maybe not anything… If you are looking for a pony for your daughters 16th birthday party, you might have to take a look elsewhere. UNLESS, you think she might like a pony cabinet knob?!

We are getting off track here… Why not check out some of the fabulous address plaques from Whitehall.

Whitehall Address Plaques are made of rust free recycled aluminum, the paints are specially formulated and weather tested to withstand the harshest elements. They are personalized per order, so they can take about 1-2 weeks. Make sure a plan ahead!